The cosmetic dentist will take impressions of your teeth and a thin customized plastic tray is made which you will have to take home and wear for prescribed period of time daily. Then it penetrates the enamel to enhance the lightening effect on the teeth. The cost is also relatively low.

The advantage of in-office teeth whitening is that, usually it takes just one visit for a white enhancing smile. This is one of the widely used techniques because it is easier to use and costs less.

Just one visit to the dentist is sufficient to complete this process. The procedure that would be appropriate for you should be discussed with your dentist to get the best opinion on teeth whitening. A translucent whitening gel is used on the teeth and a special activating light is applied which activates the crystals to attract the energy from the light.

In some other cases where the above techniques seem to be ineffective teeth bonding and teeth veneers are used to get the same whitening effect.

In-office bleaching is another teeth whitening system commonly used. The bleaching gel is placed in the tray and worn for a stipulated period of time each day or during the night. Sometimes this can be used as follow up treatment Disposable PET food container Manufacturers of at home tray teeth whitening procedure if required.. In this process the dentists apply a whitening gel along with a special light at their clinic. A customized tray is fitted over your teeth. This process involves around two hours of time. This system uses laser rays that are sometimes combined with application of with whitening gel simultaneously.

At home customized tray teeth whitening system changes the shade of your teeth gradually over time and is less noticeable to others around you. But this again will impart a sudden change in the color of the teeth which is noticeable and can cause some amount of inconvenience.

One of the most common teeth whitening procedure is at home custom fit tray bleaching. While each procedure is effective, there are few advantages and disadvantages of each procedure depending upon the processes. This treatment is comparatively less costly. This is one of the most expensive but fastest techniques used.

One of the most effective teeth whitening system is laser teeth whitening (in-office). However, this process will take usually two to four visits to the dentists' office.There are few teeth whitening procedures available which correct the discoloration of teeth by removing the yellow and brown stains. The only disadvantage is that this process will bring in a sudden change of shade in your teeth which is likely to be noticed by people around you